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Welcome to Spiece Fitness.  The Most comprehensive Fitness Facility in Fort Wayne.

Earn reward points with each visit

We want to reward you for your loyalty to Spiece Fitness!  Earn points toward $20 gift certificates.  Earning points can be as easy as checking in for a workout.  The more you workout, purchase, refer friends, take advantage of our amenities, the faster you will earn rewards.

How Do You Earn Points?

1. Scan in For Workouts - Earn 10 points each day you check in for a workout.  Limited to 10 check in points a day.

2. Purchases - Earn 1 point for each $1 you spend at Spiece.  This includes purchases in the Day Spa, Bistro, Pro Shop, personal training packages, even your membership dues!

3. Refer Friends - Besides the $25 in Spiece Bucks you receive for referring members, you will also receive 25 points for each new primary member you refer.

4. Memberopoly - Receive 50 points for completing a Memberopoly board.

5. Nutrition Sessions - Receive 10 points for attending one of our complimentary nutrition seminars offered approximately once per month..

What Do You Earn With Points?

Each time you hit 2,000 points you’ll receive  a $20 gift certificate valid for use in the  Bistro, Pro Shop, or on personal training packages.  2,000 points may sound like a lot, but with the number of ways you can earn points you’ll be racking in those gift certificates in no time.  Watch out for some of our special “Double Your Points” days!  You can also earn additional points at various special events at Spiece. Points do not expire and there is no limit to the number of gift certificates you can earn from the loyalty program.

When Are Points Applied And Gift Certificates Available?

Points have to be added manually with the aid of monthly reporting info.  Points for the previous month will be added between the 1st and 5th of the current month and gift certificates will be available to members at the front desk on  15th of each month once billing declines have been received and processed. 

Make Sure You Receive Your Points!

Make sure you use your membership barcode to scan in for workouts or to attach your name to purchases.  If you forget your barcode, tell the receptionist or attendant your name so we can make sure you receive your points.  Ask for a receipt to make sure your name was attached to any purchases and sign the attendance sheet for any special events in which we are awarding points.