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Welcome to Spiece Fitness.  The Most comprehensive Fitness Facility in Fort Wayne.

Weather Emergency Guidelines

Allen County Winter Weather Travel Advisories / Facility Guidelines


Advisory - Lowest

Facility remains open, however some services may be limited.  Please call to confirm kids zone and classes. 

Watch - Middle

Main Facility remains open with very limited services.  There will be no classes or kids zone.  Other services may be limited such as bistro, aquatics & training. 

Warning - Highest

Calling for Emergency Travel Only. Facility closed all day, regardless of when warning status is lifted.



All employees who come to work during a Travel Advisory Emergency are permitted to park in the closer spots, dress out of uniform within reason (since you may be shoveling and trudging through snow to your cars etc).  We appreciate you making the extra effort to be here to service our members.   Leave early and drive safely!!!  The above are general policies and may be changed at Management’s discretion.  Safety of our employees will be the basis for any exceptions.



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